"Come apart by yourselves into a desert place, and rest a while:" - Mark 6:31

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Prayer Retreat Tips
Each Hour:
  • Top of the hour - 10-15 minutes of personal preps, worship, sing, give thanks, Scripture, etc
  • 15 after to 45 is intensive intercession time - follow the schedule for variety
  • Bottom of the hour 10-15 minutes is break time to read, walk, get a snack, drink, etc or even spend some quiet moments chatting with a friend. Keep your conversation on spiritual things.
Prayer Guide:
Use the 12 Step Prayer Guide to prepare yourself for intercessory prayer with the First Six Steps of Preparation. Keep it active with open bible to promises and praises, change your position often, and move about as you pray. Then as we enter into Intercession we will use the Last Six Steps of Intercession. You may choose to stay in your room for your prayer time or you may enter one of the rooms prepared for your intercessory prayer time. Enjoy your prayer time!

  1. Be Still
  2. Worship
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. Confession
  5. Put armor on
  6. Cast your care
  1. Pray for Saints
  2. Pray for Sickness
  3. Pray for Souls
  4. Pray for Ministries
  5. Pray for Missions
  6. Pray for Magistrates

Prayer Positions:
Keep your self alert by being constantly vigilant and moving positions while you pray. Donít get stuck in one position or your bodyís lethargy will affect you mental alertness. Keep moving!

  • Standing
  • Kneeling
  • Sitting
  • Lay down on bed
  • Lay face on ground
  • Squat/bow down
  • Dance
  • Walk (pace)
  • Walk away be restored
  • Shout/applaud/cheer
  • Sing
  • Loud voice
  • Unison
  • Speak to obstacle
  • Speak with no sound
  • Say "Amen" to others prayers
  • Quoting Scripture
  • Head lifted up
  • Head bowed down
  • Eyes looking up
  • Tears shed
  • Hands Raised in praise
  • Hands Raised in authority
  • Hands Lifted in blessing
  • Hands laid on
  • Hands anoint with oil
  • Hands spread out
  • Touch together the thing
  • Touching an object
  • Touching a person in need
  • Touching in agreement
  • Spread it before the Lord
  • Sackcoth & Ashes
  • Fasting

Prayer Songs:
You should be careful to minister to the Lord, not just bombard him with requests. Refresh yourself in the Lordís presence by "singing songs, hymns, spiritual songs to the Lord." Use a chorus book or hymn book as offerings to the Lord.

  • Thou Art Worthy
  • He Is Lord
  • His Name Is Wonderful
  • I Love You Lord
  • O Come Let Us Adore Him
  • Name Above All Names
  • Something About That Name
  • Alleluia, He's my Savior
  • Jesus Is the Sweetest Name
  • Emmanuel
  • Father I Love You
  • I Exalt Thee