"Come apart by yourselves into a desert place, and rest a while:" - Mark 6:31

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A Prayer Retreat Schedule

We encourage serious intercessors to go on retreat two or three times per year. You will find it refreshing. Finding adequate time to get away is always a chore. Many jobs allow for personal days or vacation days which are ideal for this. We suggest taking a personal day two or three times a year on Fridays to give yourself the most amount of time to pray. If it is impossible to get Friday off you may want to do a retreat beginning Sunday night through Monday, taking Monday off. Otherwise a weekend beginning on a Saturday morning through Sunday night might be best.

Thursday-Saturday Retreat

Day 1 – Thursday Evening
6 pm – Arrival and supper together
7 pm – Tell God why you are here. - journaling
8 pm – Quiet Private Worship
9 pm – Devotional Reading
10 pm – Bedtime
Sleep 10:30 pm – 6:30 am

Day 2 – Friday
7 am – Simple Breakfast
8 am – Be still, get a quiet heart (1)
9 am – Thanksgiving (2)
10 am – Confession and introspection (3)
11 am – Worship and Praise for who God is (4)
12 am – Lunch - soup and sandwich

1 pm – Walk & listen to sermon tape/music, etc
2 pm – Arm yourself with God’s armor and promises (5)
3 pm – Nap time / read / sleep / listen
4 pm – Cast all personal cares on Him (6)
5 pm – Supper
6 pm – Joint worship - You could opt leave now or stay on.
7 pm – Intercession: Saints in Trials (7) Church family
8 pm – Intercession: Souls to be saved (8) Top 10 list
9 pm – Intercession: Sick and Afflicted (9) Binding and Loosing
10 pm – Bedtime
Sleep 10:30 pm – 6:30 am

Day 3 – Saturday
7 am – Breakfast and sharing - You could opt leave now or stay on.
8 am – Intercession: Ministries (10) and those who serve
9 am – Intercession: Missions (11) Missionaries/UPGs
10 am – Praise break!
11 am – Intercession: Magistrates (12) World Crises
12 am Lunch and Leave by 1 pm

If you have more time to spend through Saturday supper hour you could more efficiently space out your times of intercession.

This is my personal style for an ordered and disciplined time of extended prayer. There will be some who find it difficult or unrewarding to be so disciplined. In that case you need to develop your own style. Just be sure that it keeps you praying.