"Come apart by yourselves into a desert place, and rest a while:" - Mark 6:31

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Prayer Retreat Activities

We do ourselves and God a disservice by assuming that prayer is only asking, or talking at God. Prayer is much, much more. Prayer is walking with God. It is fellowship with God. It is time set apart just to be with Him. We believe if God sent his Son to die on the cross for our sins to restore us to fellowship with God then God must want fellowship with us. Enoch walked with God and God love the fellowship so much he took him home. Adam and Eve were created not to tend the garden but to have fellowship with God when he came as the pre-incarnate Christ to walk with them in the garden. God longs for us to spend time with him. As with lovers just being together is sometimes more than words.

So too our prayer retreat time and our intercessory prayer times should so much more than a monologue with God. Let us spend time with him. Like a sun bather let us soak up his presence just by being near and dear to his heart.

Things to Do Besides "Talk at God":

  • Sing to God
  • Listen to worship music and sing along
  • Go for a walk with God
  • Journal in a notebook to God
  • Study the Scriptures with Him
  • Listen to Bible reading on tape
  • Take a nap with Him
  • At night study the stars with Him
  • Write out your prayer as a love letter to God
  • Listen to a good sermon
  • Read a book on prayer or God's person
  • Go for a bike ride in His creation
  • Eat a great meal thanking Him for every good thing
  • Have a quiet conversation with a friend about Him
  • Go fishing with God at your side
  • Evaluate your life and ministry with God looking on
  • Have a coffee break with God
  • Memorize a Scriptural Promise He gives you
  • Plan your future goals with his advice
  • Meditate on the Names of God
  • Watch a bird, stare at the waves, study a bug
  • Meditate on the Cross
  • Meditate on Godís Creation
  • Read the Prayers of the Bible
  • Play an Instrument to the Lord
  • Do a New Testament Word Study

A Few "Don'ts:

  • Don't take gadgets along (computers, palm pilots, phones, etc)
  • Don't watch TV, movies, or listen to radio
  • Don't fuss with stuff - keep focused on God, not stuff
  • Don't play games even if they are available
  • Don't bring your kids
  • Don't hang around people all the time - get alone with God - He's jealous!
  • Don't eat too much or too little
  • Don't read a novel, magazines, etc.