Concert of Prayer Schedule

Two Hour Morning Session - 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Please feel free to adjust the schedule according your the needs of your church family. Some might find it easier to start earlier, others would want it later. We recognize that a three hour session from 9 am to 12:00 word better (or 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.). But it can be done in two hours.

10:00 a.m. Begin promptly. Worship Hymns and Choruses and Pastoral Prayer

10:05 a.m. Explanation of this prayer style and brief instructions as to the concert of prayer activities. There are three segments at 30 minutes each. Each half-hour block is divided into 3 segments with 10 minutes given to each.

10:15 a.m. Begin first 30 minutes Focusing on God...




10 minutes on each

  1. Be Worshipful (Corporate Celebration)      [1 Chron 16:29, Ps 100 ]
    Adoration together lifting our eyes toward the Lord - "I saw the Lord high and lifted up." Praise his name together, tell of his excellent greatness, and sing to the Lord, and worship at his footstool. Make it a time of ministering to the Lord. Magnify him!
  2. Be Still (Solo Time)      [Psalms 27:14, Is 30:13-21, Is 40:28-31]
    In holy awe get alone with God for quieting your heart. Kneel before him, lay prostrate. Be still, keep silence, slow down and put away your list of to-dos. Sweep the cobwebs of your mind so you can focus only on the Lord. Wait on the Lord, and again I say, WAIT on the Lord. Listen for his still small whisper - "Peace be still."
  3. Be Thankful (Group Time)      [Neh 12:24-40, Ps 30:4,Ps 92:1]
    Give thanks to God for everything! Literally exhaust all the possibilities of things to be thankful for. Tell the Lord. Thank Him! For Creation, for your body, life, health, for friends, for provisions, answers to prayer, your church, your ministry, your family. Then give thanks for the hard things - the trials, the sicknesses, the failures, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

10:45 a.m. Begin second 30 minutes Focusing on Ourselves...




10 minutes on each

  1. Confession (Solo & Group Time)      [Daniel 9:4-19, Is 6:1-8]
    Use half the time for personal introspection and confession of sin, self examination and surrender to God. The other half to share with each other. "Confess your faults (failures & frustrations) one to another and pray one for another."
  2. Clothe in Armor (Group & Corporate Time)    [Eph 6:10-20, Matt 18:18]
    Spend half the time in groups identifying strongholds, areas of attack in your church. Then stand together in a large circle and apply the promises and principles of authority of the believer. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven." "Stand in the gap...make up a hedge."
  3. Cast your Care (Small Groups)      [1 Peter 5:7, Heb 4:16]
    Share personal burdens and heartaches to be laid down before the cross. Then either assemble (in sanctuary or in small groups) for a time of anointing, laying on of hands and prayer one for another for personal struggles, and physical needs. (Can be altogether or in groups of 3-4)

11:15 a.m. Separate into Groups and circulate to the various prayer centers, switching every 10 minutes.

Begin third 30 minutes Focusing on Others and the World




5-8 minutes each
  1. Souls
    Souls Room - plead with God for your 10 most wanted list
  2. Saints
    Church Family Room - for the body of Christ, the families by name
  3. Sick
    Healing Room - for corporate prayer and anointing and for healing of mind, body, spirit.




5-8 minutes each

  1. Ministers
    Ministry Room - Ministers/servants - for leaders, pastors, S.School, outreach, etc.
  2. Missionaries
    Missions Room - for prayer for the world's peoples and missionaries.
  3. Magistrates
    World Government Room - for our world and national leaders, president, senate, etc.


Someone must act as the MC for the concert. This means he or she must remain at the platform area or at least near a microphone to coordinate the segments. Each division can be separated by a hymn or chorus appropriately chosen. Also, the MC needs to be time aware and ring a bell, lead a chorus, or announce between the segments to transition to the next.

Music can be played softly on a CD in the background during prayers. This often enhances the prayer time and avoids uncomfortable silence. Keep it soft instrumental music. People should be encouraged to minister to the Lord as He leads. If a group senses a chorus arising in their hearts they should be free to lead out, others will join in as the Spirit leads or it may just enhance ongoing prayers.

God speaks! That is why we spend so much time in cultivating intimacy. Let God speak through his Word. An open Bible is a wonderful prayer tool whether with Psalms of praise, or admonishments and exhortations, or encouragement. Let it be Scripture read aloud so all can hear. Praying Scripture is has a powerful effect on all of us. It is God speaking to the pray-ers.

Be sure to let the Spirit of God lead. If there is a segment that lends itself to more fervent prayers and tears, don't interrupt it just to keep on schedule. The schedule is a guide, but Jesus is Lord! If revival breaks out in times of confession or burden bearing you don't want to quench the Spirit. Go with God and you cannot go wrong.

We encourage you to divide the congregation up into sets of three, called "triplets," for the purpose of focused group prayers. People should feel free at the beginning of the session to find their own group partners with whom they may be comfortable. Where triplets are not possible larger groups of up to six persons can be used.

During the Intercessory Prayer times the room should be divided up into six sections with a sign above indicating that location. As an alternative you could set up nearby rooms for the same purpose with each clearly identified. Groups should circulate at the prescribed time to the next room on the list in this order, Souls, Saints, Sick, Ministers, Missionaries, Magistrates. To begin the intercession either groups or triplets (depending on the size of the crowd) should be assigned a starting point. Try to keep these to no more than 10 per group.

Each room should provide promptings and instructions for praying for that area. For instance,

  • Souls Room should have forms for "Top Ten List" on which to write targeted people with accompanying guide to prayer.
  • Saints Room should include local church phone lists, or photo directories to pray over.
  • Sick (Healing) Room should have anointing oil for the sick.
  • Ministers Room should have photos of ministers, a District prayer list of pastors, or District photo directory.
  • Missionary Room could have a world map and photos of missionaries.
  • Magistrates Room should have several national newspapers to pray over the headlines, and/or lists of the President's Cabinet.

Prayer guides should be provided giving promptings for each segment of prayer. It would be well for each participant to have a journal or notebook in which to write promptings of the Holy Spirit and burdens for prayer given during these hours.

It is important that there be variety during the prayer sessions. Sitting IS NOT the preferred prayer position (though it is western man's cultural position). There are many other positions to pray in, standing, walking, pacing, laying prostrate, kneeling, bending, sitting on floor, hands raised to God, etc.