A Guide To Intercessory Prayer
by Rev. Richard W. LaFountain

Step 12... Pray For Magistrates
(1 Timothy 2:1-4)

The last step in our intercessory discipline is to pray for those whoare over us politically. The apostle Paul exhorts Timothy, and thechurch to pray and give thanks first of all for all men, especiallyfor those in authority over us such as kings, and governmentofficials. The political world Paul was referring to was far frompleasant. It would be only a few years and Paul would be executed byorder of the Emperor of Rome. I am sure Paul would not have votedfor Nero to be emperor or Rome, noneth eless he maintained hisperspective of God's Sovereignty even in dictatorships.

Paul was fully aware of the tendency of Christians to complain aboutpoliticians and taxes the governmental bureaucracy and the military.Complaining doesn't cut it in Paul's world view. The best way tochange a bad situation is to PRAY FOR THE LEADERS. His reasoning forprayer for the kings and authorities is given in Romans 13:1-4.

Finally the example of Samuel's attitude of prayer for King Saul.Although Saul was in an unremorseful sinful, backsidden condition,Samuel nonethe less recognized that it was incumbant on hims tocontinue to pray for the King. "God forbid that I should sin againstthe Lord in ceasing to pray for you." 1Samuel 12:23. Daniel alsounder adverse kings who did not honor God, prayed for them and Godwrought wonders.

The scope of our prayers, intercessions, supplications and giving ofthanks should certainly be wider than our own government. We shouldbe praying for the world political systems. We are exhorted to:

  1. We are to pray for Israel and God's people everywhere and for thegovernments that oppress them.
  2. We should be praying diligently for the dictators and oppressor,and persecutors of the world. (For Saddam Hussein, for rebel troops inLiberia, Somalia, Eastern Europe.)
  3. We should be prevail in prayer for countries under communist rulesuch as China, where the Gospel is repressed and God's peoplepersecuted and imprisoned.
  4. We should pray for the United Nations, and for troops on battlegrounds across the globe.
  5. We should be praying for countries that are suppliers of illegaldrugs, where drug cartels oppress, and drug wars rage.
  6. We should pray for prisons and prisoners and their salvation andtransformation.
  7. We should pray for our police system. We should pray for our military leaders and soldiers in the field.

How To Pray For Our President
(by Charles Stanley)
  1. Pray that our President would realize his personal sinfulness and his daily need of cleansing.
  2. Pray that he would recognize his personal inadequacy and depend on God for wisdom and courage.
  3. Pray that he would reject all counsel that objects to Godly principles.
  4. Pray that he would resist those who pressure him to violate his own conscience.
  5. Pray that by God's power he would reverse the socialistic and humanistic values/attitudes that glorify man and not God.
  6. Pray that he would be willing to forsake his personal ambitions and office if it is in the best interest of the country.
  7. Pray that he would rely on the Bible and prayer as his source of wisdom in his daily life.
  8. Pray that he would restore dignity, honor, trustworthiness and righteousness to the office of the President.
  9. Pray that he would remember to be a good example in conduct to the fathers and sons of our nation.
  10. Pray that he would be reminded daily that he is accountable to God for his actions/decisions.

Prayer over your newspaper.
A world class newspaper with lots of international and national news is better than local papers.