A Guide To Intercessory Prayer
From 60 Seconds To 60 Minutes with God

by Rev. Richard W. LaFountain


This booklet is designed to be a guide to intercessory prayer. It is a training tool. Use it on a regular basis to develop skills as a Biblical intercessor.

Your intercessory prayer time is to be divided into two parts: PREPARATION and INTERCESSION. Using 3 minutes for each category it will take 36 minutes. 18 minutes of personal preparation and 18 minutes of intercession.

It is extremely important to spend adequate time in preparation for intercession since that is the discipline most often neglected or missing altogether in our times of intercession. It is important because God says it is. Each step is a Biblical principle of intercessory prayer.

I suggest that you use a three minute egg timer to keep yourself focused and to spend an equal amount of time on each. It takes work. Your mind is not used to focusing on one item. Your spirit is not disciplined and will want to hurry. Do not hurry! Spend time with God. That is what intercession is all about. It is not about asking many things from God. Spend time with God getting to know Him in unhurried preparation. Bathe yourself in prayer

The intercessory part of your prayer time follows Biblical based praying as well. It covers the world of needs in just six steps. Focus on talking to God about one or two items in each category, not listing myriads of requests. Let God lead you as the Holy Spirit burdens your heart to pray for something in each step. Do not bring a list to the Lord. Carry the burden. Feel the need. Don't just say the need. Bathe the thing in prayer. Pray all over, under, and around the matter as you bring it to God.


1. Be Still
2. Worship
3. Thanksgiving
4. Confession
5. Arm Yourself
6. Cast Your Burden


7. For Saints
8. For The Sick
9. For Souls
10. For Ministries
11. For Missions
12. For Magistrates

Positions in Prayer
Places of Prayer
Actions in Prayer
Authority in Prayer
Music in Prayer
Prayer Retreats/Concerts
Prayer Teams
Prayer Walking