A Guide To Intercessory Prayer
by Rev. Richard W. LaFountain

Ministering To "One Another"
"Pray one for another..."

The "one to another" passages are numerous. No man is an island and no man 
stands alone. We are all part of what the Bible calls "the body of Christ" 
and we are "members each in particular."  The body is to be intimately 
related one to another. We are to be attached, not detached parts of the 

Let us therefore find some practical ways to exercise the Word which we 
have received this evening.  How can you practically do these "one another" 
things and to who is the "other" you should do this to?

Pray For and With People
To often we say to a friend, "Well, I will be praying for you." or "Iíll be sure to pray about that." But we donít actually pause that very moment and seize the moment for the glory of God. A friend told me of working as a janitor in a high rise office building. One night after most everyone had left he encountered the CEO of the company still in his room but in excruciating pain. That brother began to chat about the back injury and testified of how God had healed him of a similar affliction. The affluent business man expressed awe over such faith and experience with God. Then my friend leaped at the opportunity and asked, "Can I pray for you right now?" The business man was taken back and responded, "Well, I guess so. If you think it will do any good." So he laid his hand on his head and prayed for him. The CEO commented as he walked out the door. "You know I think that is the first time someone ever prayed for me. Thank you. I often challenge my congregation to train themselves to avoid ever saying, "Iíll pray for you." without actually doing so on the spot. One dear lady came back the next week in tears to tell me that she had met a friend on the street downtown and asked if she could pray for her right then and there. The woman was impressed and consented. Right there on the busy sidewalk this saint laid her hand on her friend and prayed out loud. Now she was thrilled at the response and how good it made her feel that she had not neglected the opportunity to minister to someone. Have you ministered to someone in prayer today?
Try this little exercise to discover what we are to do together. John 15:17 _____________________ one another Romans 12:10 _____________________ one another Romans 14:13 _____________________ one another Romans 15:7 _____________________ one another Romans 15:14 _____________________ one another Romans 16:16 _____________________ one another I Cor. 16:20 _____________________ one another Gal. 5:13 _____________________ one another Gal. 5:15 _____________________ one another Gal. 5:26 _____________________ one another Eph 4:2 _____________________ one another Eph 4:32 _____________________ one another Eph 4:32 _____________________ one another Col 3:16 _____________________ one another I Thess 4:18 _____________________ one another Hebrews 3:13 _____________________ one another Hebrews 10:24 _____________________ one another James 5:16 _____________________ one another I Peter 1:22 _____________________ one another
Ministering One To Another John 15:17 _____________________ (demonstrate love) Romans 12:10 _____________________ (in honor preferring) Romans 14:13 _____________________ (NOT judge) Romans 15:5-7 _____________________ (like-minded and receive) Romans 15:14 _____________________ (admonish) Romans 16:16 _____________________ (salute) I Cor. 16:20 _____________________ (greet with kiss) Gal. 5:13 _____________________ (serve) Gal. 5:15 _____________________ (NOT bite & devour) Gal. 5:26 _____________________ (NOT provoking, envying) Eph 4:2 _____________________ (forbearing) Eph 4:32 _____________________ (kind) Eph 4:32 _____________________ (forgiving) Eph 5:19 _____________________ (sing to yourselves) Eph 5:21 _____________________ (submit one to another) Col 3:16 _____________________ (admonish) I Thess 4:18 _____________________ (edify & comfort) Hebrews 3:13 _____________________ (exhort daily) Hebrews 10:24 _____________________ (consider, provoke to love) James 5:16 _____________________ (confess faults) James 5:16 _____________________ (pray for) I Peter 1:22 _____________________ (love fervently)