A Guide To Intercessory Prayer
by Rev. Richard W. LaFountain

Kingdom Praying
"Thy kingdom come...thy will be done..."
Too often we have a shopping list mentality, coming to God to get "things" 
rather than coming to God to get God Himself.  Jesus condemned the Jews of 
his day for being so concerned and taken up with the food he provided. 
Rather than being in love with God, they were in love with His blessings. 
The Israelites followed that same pattern.  They were overly concerned 
about the here and now, not about eternal answers to prayer.

Kingdom praying is praying for things that are eternal.  It is being 
concerned about those things which matter for eternity.  It is being 
concerned about the things that God is concerned about. It is praying the 
will of God. It is praying Godís purposes. It is praying the mind of the 

In Matthew 6:9-13 Jesus gave us the Lord's Prayer, which is really the 
Disciple's Prayer.  In it he emphasized the eternal.  

"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Praying in the Spirit is the same.  It is praying what is on the mind of 
the Spirit of God, not whatever happens to be on my mind, or on my request 
list for the day.  God delights to lead us by the Holy Spirit. He leads us 
to pray for what we ought (Romans 8:26-27), not for what we want.

Here are some eternal Kingdom Prayers:

1.  Salvation of souls
2.  Transformation of ruined lives
3.  Restored marriages
4.  Restitution
5.  Hunger for God
6.  Healing that is immediate, miraculous, laudable
7.  Raising the dead (physically or spiritually)
8.  Gifts of the Spirit ministered to one another
9.  Deliverance from power of Satan (oppression, bondage, possession)
10. Victory over Satan's kingdom. Taking back what belongs to God.

The Lord's Prayer...

1.  God's glory - Hallowed be thy name
2.  God's kingdom - Thy kingdom come
3.  God's will - Thy will be done
4.  God's provisions - Give us bread
5.  God's forgiveness - Forgive us our debts
6.  God's deliverance - Deliver us from evil
7.  God's exaltation - Thine is this kingdom