A Guide To Intercessory Prayer
by Rev. Richard W. LaFountain

Conversational Prayers
Praying in Teams
Conversational Prayer is the method we use for our small group prayer 
teams. This keeps everyone involved with no prayer showmanship. Please be 
sensitive to others in the prayer group who may not be as experienced a 
prayer warrior as you.  Follow these guidelines:

- Ask the Lord for discernment on how to pray, and for what to pray.

- Prepare your heart for intercession using each of the 6 steps.

- Assign someone to lead in each step, others may join in on it.

- Spend about 3 minutes on each step, more if necessary.

1. Use short sentence prayers (about 60 seconds will suffice) 2. Pray over one category at a time... keep focused on one thing. 3. Pray over those requests for which the Lord burdens you. 4. Pray together over an item until you feel a release in you spirit. 5. Agree together in prayer saying "Amen" "Yes, Lord", "Make it so" 6. Vary your positions...stand, sit, kneel, lay, walk, crouch, bow, lift hands.