A Guide To Intercessory Prayer
by Rev. Richard W. LaFountain

60 Seconds
60 Minutes
with God


A number of years ago now I began to pray in earnest, "Lord teach meto pray!" Though many complimented me on my personal disciplines andmy prayer life I was acutely aware that I was falling far short ofwhat God expected for me. My prayer life was sporatic and not veryexciting. I was busy in the fields of the Lord but my romance with myCreator was dying. "I was lukewarm" -- at least in prayer.

I began to search the Scriptures for teachings on prayer and in sodoing I discovered some important and neglected elements of prayer inmy life. For many years prayer to me had been "asking." Prayer wasnot a refreshing interlude with God -- It was work! As I examined myprayer life I found that I was predominently a beggar before thethrone of God. I kept slipping into asking, begging, and pleading withGod and most often for my own needs. How could I prevail in prayer forothers when I was so needy? Then God taught me that there was a way todeal with my needs and put them away so that I could pray for others.

As I walked through the Scriptures on prayer I discovered"undiscovered territories". There were things God teaches us aboutprayer that I never experienced, practiced, or saw evidenced in otherbeliever's lives. I began to compile the truths about "how to pray"and came up with 12 steps of intercessory prayer. It was time toembark on a new journey into the adventure of prayer.

These lessons are the result of years of study and practice. My hopeis that they will be to you what they have become to me - precioustreasures of God.