A Guide To Intercessory Prayer
by Rev. Richard W. LaFountain
The Struggle To Pray
Most of us struggle with prayer. Our lives are so busy from dawn todark that there is little, if any, time for quiet moments alone withGod. We trade our walk with God for a pot of porrige. We cheatourselves out of the richest experiences God has to offer by notlearning the art of intercessory prayer.

Intercessory prayer isnot easy. It does not come naturally. It must be learned in the schoolof personal discipline. It will not come to us. We must pursue it.Wemust to want it bad enough to sacrifice treasured activities to haveit.

This is a training course in intercessory prayer. It is born out ofthe struggle that all of us feel. It begins with the simple disciplineof "being still" and grows from there. We start with 1 minute alonewith God and grow from there. A three-minute egg timer will becomeyour best friend as you seek to discipline your mind and heart inprayer. It is based on 12 biblical steps of intercession. Beginwith one step. Learn that well until you can discipline yourself tospend three minutes on it without distraction. When you learn all ofthem begin small with one minute on each. From there grow strong anddisciplined in your intercession. You may not be able to do this planEVERY DAY but while you learn it make yourself do it every day for 4-6weeks. That will build habit into your prayer time. Then use the planseveral times a week for intense intercession. Use it in your all-dayprayer retreats or in extended times of fasting and prayer. Expandyour exercise from 3 minutes to an hour on each when you are doing anall-night or all-day intercession. Pastors, use it as a guide tointercession in your Prayer Meetings. It will revitalize your prayertimes and train your people at the same time.

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